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"Koro Tui" acknowledges the plume of white feathers at the neck of the Tui. Koro Tui is a term given for those who have a beautiful voice for singing, and also skilled in the art of karanga. the feathers of the tui are also prized and used in the making of our Korowai kahukura. I wanted to capture those colours in the designing of this Taniko pattern using shades of blue and green with black.

Please Note: Each design will be passed onto printers after a week of the order taking place. Please allow 5-10 working days for printing packing and postage.We will endevour to keep you up to date of where the process of your order is at any given time but please remember 'time makes the wine' and the creative process is important to us as well as providing a quality product you will enjoy.Na Hohepa Art